Our History

Supplying North America with quality fresh products

Blondie was established more than 10 years ago seeking to meet the demand of tropical fruits in the North American market. Thanks to its high quality, food safety and service standards, Blondie is now recognized as a premium brand and a reference for the market.

Our Mission

To supply the North American market with the highest quality fresh produce, seeking the best level of customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Become the preferredĀ tropical fruit distributor and marketer in North America.

Our Quality Standards

Food Safety and Quality Standards

Our processes are certified in numerous programs to ensure the best food safety and quality standards.
Some of these include:

Ensures Good Agricultural Practices are maintained throughout our production and postproduction processes.

Food safety Management Systems, Good Agricultural Practices, Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP audits for processes involving fresh produce.

Food safety standard agency in Mexico that certifies the phytosanitary conditions of our processes and facilities.

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